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Hello Friends and Unfortunate victims of this pathetic company called Manhattan Motorcars! This dealership seems to not understand that buying problem cars and selling them undisclosed to innocent people and taking hard earned money from them is not right and quite shameful. So it continues repeatedly with this company. Mainly from the owner and person in charge of buying the vehicles 'Kam The Scam'. Since the 2007 Avalanche Ltz wasn't enough, than it was the 2008 Subaru Legacy , now he's at it again. This time, a 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI diesel......im not going to make this long...i'll just get to the points, and to why this is not right and should not be tolerated by customers and OMVIC. How can this person advertise as "Ontario registered Dealer/ Buy With Confidence?" .....He Just bought this Golf TDI for under 6grand today, has it advertised hours later at almost 10grand. Vehicle was pre Inspected by VOLKSWAGEN DEALER, dealer found issues with it, disclosed them before being auctioned off, of course, kam is a predator to these types of problematic cars so that he buys them for cheap, and sells them undisclosed with existing issues so make a pretty penny without repairing them.

Break Down of the car

advertised as Pre Sale Inspected - Mechanically good = LIE!

Sold at auction Pre Sale Inspected AS IS

PPW - Previous Paint Work

ACC REP - Accident Repair

CP- Carproof Accident Claim of $10,381

WEAK TRANS OVER $750- Weak/Bad Transmission Problem

This was the inspection report direct from VOLKSWAGEN CANADA

Vehicle was sold notifying dealers the vehicle has a bad transmission and a huge accident to the Front End worth more than the vehicle itself. Car was rated a 1.9 / 5.0 on the condition report. BIG FAIL

The rest is history

Buyers Beware

80% of Manhattan Motorcars vehicles have been bought like this

No need for Kam or any of his goons to respond to this review with their continuous Lame Excuses. They're getting old.....

Ps....Enough with the Fake 'Positive Reviews'..everyone knows...


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of 2010 volkswagen golf tdi. Manhattan Motorcars needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Georgetown, Ontario, Canada #1246169

Sooo true I bought a Audi from them but a week earlier a dealship in concord had the same car and said it was sold . I asked Francis about it he said nooo it's a car from the states alll of them are crooks they use Francis to talk to customers and kam appears magically after u purchase the car with his cocky behaviour .




I was interested in that car and made a deposit. After reviewing the online information I didn't want that car so I asked them for a full refund and he (Kam) yell at me..

he told first that me that I would not get my money back, and latter he told me that I would get some but he would charge me for the advertisement expenses (even when the car was still advertised everywhere). This was only 3 days after I made the deposit.

Finally I got 450 back.... I don't recommend this seller and my mechanic did not recommend me to buy this Golf.

to Anonymous #1099448

I had the same issue. I called OMVIC and they helped me get my deposit back.


Brothers auto sales is the greatest dealer

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