Since their were many NON believers about my original post about the 2007 AVALANCHE LTZ that he STILL hasnt sold, which had problems with the air supension and power running boards which he "claimed" he fixed, even though he posted the ad same day as he bought the truck? hmm interesting, never knew you could fix an air supension and power running boards within minutes of buying a car. Must have a SUPER MECHANIC......

Anyway, you wonder why im back? since Kam and company/other posters seemed to think i was lying about my claim. He's back at it again!

Was flipping threw kijiji and noticed one of his cars, clicked on his ads and saw a Subaru Legacy, which seemed pretty cheap. So i jumped onto my buddies site and signed in with his log in to see the story about the car, if it had any. Sure enough, the scammer was at it again

2008 Subaru Legacy in White colour. Was bought a couple weeks ago by an honest dealer at auction for $6,900 by a Reposession company/Bank Repo. Once sold, the Buyer has the option of leaving the vehicle to have an inspection done on it. The vehicle failed the inspection with a Bad Head Gasket Leak, Traction Control issue, and Air bag issue. Of course the buyer has an option to back out of the sale which obviously he did.

2 weeks later the vehicle was put into the auction again by the same seller, but this time with declarations on the vehicle disclosing issues with the car. Which of course were Head Gasket Leak, traction control problem, and air bag problem. Also the Vehicle is a U.S Vehicle in Miles(82,000miles). At no surprise, Kam( Manhattan Motorcars) bought the vehicle for significantly cheaper price of $5,100. The vehicle was posted online by Manhattan Motorcars within hours of being bought that same day. Once again he advertised this car as ' Pre Sale Inspected - Mechanically Good. ... A blown Head Gasket is considered Mechanically good? Ontop of that he claims its ACCIDENT FREE, you can clearly see from the pictures i posted that the LEFT FRONT FENDER had previous repair , and was mismatched with the door, you can clearly see the paint on the fender is not same as the door. This guy is a joke, his whole company is a joke, just out their to scam people like you and me. he's trying to make 4,000 dollars on a car that has problems which he knows about.

I'll be keeping an eye on this *** for you guys and showing his true colors.

He also claims its a '1 Of A Kind' LMAO im sure it is :)

But hey, keep believing this guys Fake Positive Reviews you are seeing online, they are all by him or his employees. Hes a crook!

No idea how OMVIC lets him get away with this

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Manhattan Motorcars and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Manhattan Motorcars.

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Thank you again!


Kam rhymes with Scam , go figure??? LOL crook


Kam must of banged your wife hard for this much hate looool

to Kam #1003369

Theres a difference with someone hating and someone exposing. clearly these posts have hard facts that you clearly cant handle. You're getting exposed, deal with it.

to Kam #1029825

I am so glad we have the net.

I almost walked in to your place.......actually I'm going to go there and ask for you so that I can see what you look like.

Thank you for posting this expose, Thank you


Ha what a crook!!! Peice of $hitttt dealer! Gotta love facts!

Good post boss


Dealers like this put a bad name for the actual good dealers that exist out their..... Shame nothing is done about these types of dealers running this type of scam


Dealerships like this one put a bad name for the honest dealers that exist out their. Its a shame nothing is done to prevent dealers like this one pulling these type of scams


Shame shame shame, too bad nothing is done to prevent these types of scams to happen

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada #1000946

I bought it for 6900 and had problems, bought it again for 5100 and changed the gasket and brakes all around, instead of seeing things online send someone to check the cars plus we do offer mechanics approval before purchase so I got nothing to hide, clearly you can see my business is growing daily and we stand behind our cars. Jealously is a disease like cancer no cure for it, write as much as you like nobody cares I sell cars everyday and I keep my customers happy

Thanks for hating it makes me stronger

to Kam #1003374

Incorrect, you buy cars that have been returned by previous buyers and pay a lesser amount than just flip it with existing issues not being disclosed to the customers. You had the vehicle advertsied a couple hours after purchase.

im sorry but it takes more than 2 hours to drive a vehicle from Brampton to your dealership, have it put up on the hoist, have the engine taken apart in half to re-do a head gasket, have the head resurfaced and put completely back together. As long as i can eliminate 1 customer to buy from you a month, i think it's worth it because as much as i'd love nobody to buy from you due to the fact you sell problem cars i'd rather save a few people from problems than none. it's clear why you changed your dealer name because you had OMVIC all over you and ontop of that they FINED you $20,000 for not telling customers about issues with the vehicles and ACCIDENTS that you were aware of. You stand behind your cars????

Only time you're standing behind your cars is when you're hiding from customers behind your cars once they realize they bought a peice of junk from you. Dirt-Bag. I know how Omvic works, they warn you first about lieing to customers, than if more complaints continue, they investigate, and find the customers that were lied to. Thats why you got fined $20,000 .

Try covering that up....Funny how the word SCAM has your name in it. sKAm :)

the word was meant for you

to Anonymous #1010937

Wow, thank you so much for exposing the truth. I was ready and willing to purchase a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta I seen advertised on atuotrader from Manhattan Motorcars.

I usually get very excited about new purchases and sometimes forgot to make sure I'm making the right discussion but something in the back of my mind told me to research this company. I won't go into the details that made my alarm go off because that would give Kam the Skam insight but it had to do with the info on the post. So glad I did cause I would have been very bummed to have my first car purchase turn out to be a lemon. Thanks again and keep exposing this sorta stuff and make sure these bad guys don't win.

On the other hand, is there a used car deals hip you would recommend? Thanks

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