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This dealer is the biggest cheat around. i was looking for a 2007 Chevy Avalanche ltz on kijiji, spotted Manhattan had one up for sale for a pretty good price ($14,488), considering the way he made it sound as if it was perfect truck. asked a friend of mine who is also a used car dealer about the truck and about this particular dealer. He said the price was a bit over priced but not by much, IF the truck is good and no issues. He said he could probably find out how much that vehicle sold for at the auction and if their were any Disclosures or "issues" when it was sold. He went threw the auction website and found that exact truck he was selling. he paid $9,800,. So he is making almost 5thousand dollars off a truck with issues. Multiple lies were shown on his advertising.


'''PRE-SALE INSPECTED''' - MECHANICALLY PERFECT ...He claims the truck was Pre Sale Inspected,,,,, that is a term used at auction when a car is pre inspected before being sold, however as you can see on this COPY PASTE direct from the auction website, it was NOT Pre Inspected, yet it was sold AS-IS with issues. the discloures were:

Sold - As Is

Running boards are inoperable

Suspension issue- Suspension light is on

Thats directly a COPY PASTE from the auction website my dealer friend showed me. He also said that he has seen the dealer "kam" as they call him, buy many vehicles with disclosures such as Engine Issue, Transmission Noise/problem, Frame Damage, Air Bag issue, Suspension Problem , large accident claims etc....Also buys cars that were sold as auction the previous week for example;$10,000, but returned because of a major issue from the buyer, than is sold the following week with the Issue Announced to the dealers and than he 'Kam' buys it for $7,500 and doesnt tell the customers, yet he advertises them as 'Pre Sale Inspected' which is a huge LIE. Stay away from this guy. Total Scam artist. reading the other reviews, im sure he'll just say that im lieing aswell.

I took a screen shot just incase he comes up with the 'im a liar excuse'

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Manhattan Motorcars and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Georgetown, Ontario, Canada #1246180

Kam the scam back at it again what goes around comes around remember that. I will not stop posing til u go out of business


Hey, I am Kam and yes I did buy that truck, the running boards are fixed and one of the airshocks is replaced im sure you can at least see the running boards in the pictures.

Thank you for hating people like you make me more successful in life

to Anonymous #976924

I bet you are lying as usual. Ive scooped threw complaint boards regarding your company and numberous complaints about lies told by you.

Vehicle was sold AS-IS to you threw the auction, you said 'pre-sale inspected' on your ad, that is a lie, Pre sale Inspected is a term used at the auction when the vehicle is Pre Inspected by the auction before being auctioned off and sold. Report clearly show's it was sold AS-IS, and your ad was posted hours after you bought the truck, how can you replace a shock and fix inoperable running boards within hours. I guarantee you did not replace the shock and did not fix the running boards as even in the pictures you can see the driver side running board id not FLUSH with the rocker panel. you simply tucked it in, also you dont even advertise the vehicle as having power running boards like a few other ad's you have.

A for Effort though. Also i noticed another 'positive review' was left for your company, i noticed coincidentally that each time you reply to complaints on the boards, their happens to be a NEW good 'Review' posted on the boards at the exact same time by a supposable 'customer'?

it's quite obvious you post Good reviews on your own company to make you seem like a good place to buy. Who are you kidding!

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1001441

Did you also buy that subaru legacy with the blown head gasket and advertise it SAME day claiming it's been pre sale inspected mechanically good?? huh liar????


Guess the Rumors are true after all about this particular dealership. I knew something was fishy with this dealership when i visited them, thankfully i didn't buy anything!

Thanks to the posted for exposing them. 2 Thumbs up for you sir!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #973627

Try covering this one up 'Kam'?, you crook, glad i asked my buddy about the truck, or i probably would of been another victim from this garbage company called Manhattan Garbagecars

to garbage #1000113

the add says let your mechanic see it first.

wouldnt your mechanic point out all these problems ??

how are they trying to cover something up when they will let any mexhanic you like see it first.

as for buying low and selling high, good for them, its called business...

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